Dear Voters of Eastern Will County,

For 21 years, exactly, I enjoyed the support of community to offer our voice of commitment to Eastern Will County as your County Commissioner. We faced many issues that challenged the vitality of the blend of urban and rural life…..the diverse nature of Eastern Will County that attracts so many to settle here and grow deep roots. Thank you, endlessly, for being a part of our grass roots effort to keep the voice of Eastern Will County independent and strong. Void of any outside special interests.

November 6 we have an opportunity to elect Judy Ogalla who will be an independent , strong voice for Eastern Will County.

Judy Ogalla is a woman of unending commitment to fight for what is right for families, farm, indeed for each citizen of Eastern Will County. Judy Ogalla does the work to understand the issues that will enhance the vitality of the unique blend of life from suburban to rural hamlet, business to farming. Judy Ogalla has the experience to bring a wide range of talent to the Will County Board. Judy was a corporate IT professional for twenty five years. The Judy and her husband Rob work and live on a family farm with their three children.

I believe Judy Ogalla should be our choice for a strong, independent voice for Will County Board District 1 which includes the residents of Crete, Monee, Peotone, Washington and Will Townships. Please VOTE! Vote every office. Do not forget to go to the back of the ballot and VOTE JUDY OGALLA for Will County Board District 1.

Thank you,
Mary Ann Gearhart Deutsche

Dear Editor,

Residents of Eastern Will County District 1, which encompass the townships of Crete, Monee, Peotone, Washington and Will, are facing many crucial challenges. Our quality of life and our economic future are threatened by numerous proposed projects. We need a strong, independent voice on the Will County Board that represents many of the residents’ core values and concerns. Judy Ogalla will be a strong voice. Judy has built a grassroots support base, free of special interest contributors and her vote will be based on that independent base, knowing what is in the best benefit for all residents in this area.

Judy Ogalla has a diverse background of experience to bring a wide range of knowledge to the County Board. In business she has worked as a corporate IT professional for more than 25 years. The Ogalla family resides on a working family farm, and as a mother of three children she is a leader in numerous community and school organizations. Judy has been involved in Will Township government for the past several years.

Judy Ogalla has the experience which will bring independent leadership, insight and knowledge in making though decisions affecting our lives in Eastern Will County. She is committed to representing our voices and concerns. I urge you to vote on for Judy Ogalla District 1 Will County Board.

Molly Gorman

Dear Editor,

The November 6th election, is right around the corner, are you ready? Are you ‘registered’? Is this election IMPORTANT to you? Well, I certainly hope so!

There is a candidate running for the Will County Board that can’t and shouldn’t be overlooked, Judy Ogalla.

Judy has been a friend for many years, and her knowledge of what ‘needs’ to be done for her community, and surrounding communities is unending. She has been involved in the preparation of the annual tax levy and budget, working with FEMA and other governmental entities, along with her understanding of road maintenance projects and materials. Judy has perspective for one of the important duties of county government, ensuring Will County roads; bridges are safe and well maintained.

Her unending commitment to fight for what’s right, has always been proven to her family, friends and acquaintances just by talking with her, plus her leading role as the vice president of STAND (Shut This Airport Nightmare Down) for close to 12 years, all you have to do is ‘watch and listen’, you’ll always know where she stands.

She has fought to protect the “private property rights” of landowners in eastern Will County; she will work hard to see that District #1 has strong representation in our county government and that our rights are protected. She is a candidate of strong conviction, honesty and integrity, a real leader; we need on the Will County Board.

So GO TO THE POLLS, and vote for Judy Ogalla, on Tuesday, November 6th, if you want to ‘get it right this time’.

Marge Brooke

Judy Ogalla – An Honest Voice for The People of Will County Board District #1

Many of us have grown cynical about the state of the government and politics in general, especially the citizens in Illinois, me included. It seems most politicians will tell you one thing, and do another. Or, say one thing to this group, but something entirely different to that group. And why? Often times, just to serve their own interest, or a “special” interest group, or a donor. Quite frankly, I had grown tired of “politics as usual”. And, I wondered if there was anyone in politics these days who was actually there to serve the people.

And by chance, I met someone, who you may know as Judy. Judy Ogalla has worked tirelessly for the people in Will County for many, many years. Judy has been actively involved working with the people in the community to ensure that the rights of homeowners are respected and the opinions of all are heard.

There was a time when “If you shook on it, you had a deal.” Or when someone gave you their word, it meant something. And, you could believe it was true. It seems these days, most politicians don’t actually follow through on their claims, or they speak with “forked tongue”. But, luckily for the people of Will County Board District #1, we have a candidate running for election on November 6 who has integrity. I have found Judy to be honest and forthright. It is quite refreshing to meet someone who I can believe …. and believe in. You see, Judy’s words mean something. When she says, “I’ll do it.”, she actually will. She is a voice for me, for you, for all of us. She has already proven that she will work diligently for the people of Will County. And, I expect she will continue to do so.

I urge you to vote for someone with integrity, Judy Ogalla. Elect her as our representative, your representative for Will County Board District #1.

A Peotone Resident
Natalie Murawski