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Judy Ogalla‘s life experience is grounded in Eastern Will County. Judy and Rob, her husband of 31 years, have three children whom they have raised on their Monee Family Farm. As one of the Will-South Cook Conservation Farm Families, they know the importance of protecting property rights and preserving the quality of life for each citizen, no matter where they call home. Judy Ogalla believes in building community. She has been active as a youth sports coach and religious education aide. She serves the Will County Farm Bureau as a member of the Governmental Affairs Committee, giving voice to our Eastern Will County concerns. She is a member of STAND, serving as its Vice President for eleven years.  Judy’s many trips to Springfield to talk with our elected representatives have stressed the importance of private property rights, lower taxes, and ending the abuse of eminent domain in Will County.

Judy Ogalla is never afraid to ask the right questions. Her background as an IT professional has enhanced her unique ability to get the whole picture. Judy has local government experience with budgets and levys, serving Will Township Road District. Judy has worked on a variety of FEMA projects with experience cutting through the red tape to get the job done. She understands the importance of detail and cost while maintaining safety and quality of our community’s infrastructure. All this experience has given Judy an invaluable insight into working with local, county, state and federal officials.

Judy Ogalla’s energy sets her apart from her opponents on November 6, 2012. She possesses unending commitment to fight for what is right! Judy believes it is time to bring a strong voice and real leadership to Eastern Will County. Judy wants you to know, “I will work hard to see that District 1 has strong representation on the Will County Board and that our rights will be protected!